We work with our customers in achieving maximum engine availability and providing cost effective and practical maintenance services and solutions. Interlink is an ISO Certified organisation for Turbine Operation & Maintenance this ensures that your works are completed to ISO & OEM standards We provide our customers with:

  1. Comprehensive energy field service maintenance support
  2. Operation and maintenance services
  3. Installation & Commissioning
  4. Fault Finding Support, Parts and repair services
  5. Relocation, Modification, overhaul and upgrade programs
  6. Consultancy and Project Management Services

Interlinks Turbine experience and ability to provide onsite and remote technical solutions, field service both mechanical and electrical, modernisation and upgrade programs, has given Interlink Power Systems the experience and past performance to ensure that your plant and project are delivered exceeding your expectations. Interlinks Turbine field service engineers offer integrated, comprehensive solutions for on-site repair, contract service and overhaul and commissioning. Our experienced service engineers have the know-how to effectively solve problems and ensure equipment is running properly, as well as ensure system quality and reliability.

Turbine Specialists is apart of the Interlink Power & Energy group and provides its global customers with gas turbine and rotating equipment services.

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