Our global team has extensive experience with the complete aero line of Rolls Royce equipment including

  •  Allison 501
  • Avon – 1533,1534,1533
  • Olympus  
  • RB211
  • Trent

Interlink PS strategically globally located offices and gas turbine field service centers allow us to provide rapid support anywhere in the world. Routine inspection and maintenance from these centers can be arranged upon request or as part of a long-term service agreement.

Gas turbine field services include:

  • Troubleshooting (routine inspection and maintenance), 
  • Boroscope inspections
  • Component repair & replacement
  • Gas turbine installation and commissioning, 
  • Package works including calibrations, upgrades and rehabilitation
  • Calibrations and Certifications
  • Onsite repairs
  • Consultancy Maintenance planning
  • Spare Parts Supply & Fitting

Contact Us to learn more about our gas turbine services.

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