We understand that our clients core business is not always energy plant Operation & Maintenance services and therefore require operation and maintenance (O&M) services , This is were Interlink Power & Energy group steps in and excels,we ensure that your plant is operated and maintained to meet maximum reliability and consistently delivering energy to your customers at the lowest cost and highest availability and safety standards.

Interlink PS provides full Operations and Maintenance solutions to power generation asset owners and operators. Having independence from the OEMs together with our depth of service and alliance partners makes Interlink  one of the world’s leading independent Operations and Maintenance specialists, offering an extremely broad range of maintenance capability and service, under flexible, performance-based contract structures.

Our comprehensive operation and maintenance service will ensure your facility achieves its guaranteed performance. We aim to improve process efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, as well as extending equipment life. We do this by implementing a proven

  •  Comprehensive Effective Asset Management Plan
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Operational Procedures
  • Managements Systems
  • Detailed Report Structures 
  • Continuous Improvement Ethos.

Why use Interlink PS

  • Lower your cost of operation
  • Fixed price O&M
  • ISO Certified Operations & Maintenance Certification 

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