Upgrading and life extension programs for power plants

Interlink Power Systems provides modification, conversion, upgrade and retrofit engineering and services for gas turbine power plant and rotating equipment. Our high skilled and experienced team ensures that your refurbishment meets your budget and out performs.

Power plant rehabilitation and upgrade allows plant owners to get more from a plant that may of been bound for retirement. In todays economy the cost of a full plant replacement is a major capital investment. Rehabilitation, upgrade and modification for a smaller cost allows for further plant performance.

Interlink PS works to re-engineer systems, conversion and upgrade of systems on the gas turbine and its auxiliaries and provides modern alternatives to obsolete and antiquated systems including the gas turbine itself. Our plant rehabilitation engineers are specialists in evaluating and upgrading generation plant to prolong asset life and improve performance. We have experience in refurbishing power stations and gas compression plants around the world and can devise and implement investment strategies that deliver enhanced asset value.

Interlink provides creative and effective engineered solutions including:

  • replacement of obsolete package instrumentation
  • enhancement of existing systems
  • enhancement of machinery power output
  • replacement of package systems, including intakes and exhausts
  • minimising environmental damages i.e. noise pollution
  • enhancing or replacing gas turbines
  • re- design and manufacture of liquid fuel skids
  • replacement of redundant control systems, vibration monitoring, Generator protection equipment


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