There are many challenges to consider when managing the relocation of a power plant. The process is everything. Every link must operate quickly, efficiently and effective. A solution is not complete unless it is end-to-end and has contingencies for any problems that my arise.

Interlink Power offers a complete relocation package, from the creation of an asset relocation plan to the management, packaging and transportation of plant components through the supply chain. In case asset recovery is needed, we can initiate repairs, refurbishment and ensure overall system compatibility.

Tailored Solutions

Interlink works with asset owners and take responsibility for dismantling and moving the plant (deconstruction of the power plant, transport costs, customs duties, reconstruction of the unit, spare parts, auxiliary materials and commodities as well as any public authority obligations in the target country). Interlink can manage services for dismantling, demolition of the plant, removal, planning and organizing the transport of the components as well as reconstruction engineering for the new site – civil, mechanical, electrical, controls

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