Interlink Power Systems successfully completed the fuel conversion of a LM2500+G4 from lowbtu syngas to Natural gas. This project has been the a culmination of months of engineering, procurement, control system modification and onsite engine hardware change and BOP reconfiguration.

Interlink PS managing director says” this project has confirmed to our customers that the purchase and relocation of pre owened and surplus equipment to beat project timelines and the conversion to fit for purpose site conditions is achievable and that Interlink Power Systems continues to be the company of choice  to achieve this for our customers”.

INTERLINK PS has GE gas turbine experience with over combined 100 years in house experience coupled with our core business of Gas turbine Power Plants and mechanical processes. Our constantly in demand team of engineering professionals has the specialized expertise and depth of knowledge to meet the demands of our clients in the power generation industry.

From troubleshooting and field service, to relocating entire power plants we offer specialized products and services that are tailored to our customers’ needs and designed to meet their goals and objectives.


•Borescope and Periodic Inspections

•Engine and Control System Troubleshooting and Upgrading

•Engine and Package Inspections and Repairs / Modification and frequency conversion

•Engine Change Outs

•Fuel System Upgrades

•Generator Maintenance/Inspections/Repairs

•Light and Heavy Package Maintenance

•Mechanical/Technical Field Support

•Installation & Commissioning Services

•Long Term Maintenance Agreements

•On-site Controls Support and Upgrades

•On-site Repairs and Upgrades

•Parts Supply

•Rotable Module and Component Exchange

•Service Bulletin Incorporation

•Service Bulletin Upgrades

•Technical Consultations

•Vast LM Parts Selection to Support Our Field Service Dept.

•Global Network of Field Service Engineers

We  offer OEM alternatives that can keep your project within budget without compromising exceptional results. Contact Us to learn more about our gas turbine services goto www.gasturbines.interlinkps.com.au

For more information on Interlink Power Systems goto : www.interlinkps.com.au

For more information on Interlink Gas Turbine Services goto : www.gasturbines.interlinkps.com.au

For Media contact : media@interlinkps.com.au



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