INTERLINK PS Oil Filtration Unit

Do you want to extend the life of your power plant equipment?

Downtime is just not an option in today’s power generation industry. Recently, for a contractor in remote Australia, high water and particulate contamination in the oil exceeding OEM specifications potentially meant significant delays to their project.

The solution for this contractor was simple – they employed the oil filtration system supplied by Interlink Power Systems.

Interlink Power Systems mobilized their portable oil filtration system to site within hours and in a matter of days the water and particulate levels were below OEM specifications.

 The portable and fixed filtration systems supplied by Interlink Power Systems are designed to quickly remove both water and particulate from oil, cleaning it to levels up to 95% cleaner than new oil (without removing any additives), and then maintaining it at that ultra-clean/dry level. Keeping oil that clean and dry not only extends the life of the fluid but also the filters, bearings, seals, and other internal components. The typical equipment life extension is a factor 2-3 times.For more information about our oil filtration systems contact: Graham Pearson – or 0428 122 244


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