Interlink PS appointed Prime Contractor for LM2500+G4 Conversion

Interlink Power Systems has been appointed the prime contractor to compl

ete the Dual fuel to single fuel conversion on the new LM2500+G4 for our customer in Asia.

Interlink PS Under the contract will provide design, specification and procurement of all plant components, in addition to, installation, commissioning, documentation and reliability and performance testing of the systems.

The LM2500 + G4 is the latest born in the LM family of aero derivate turbines, produced for  marine and industrial applications. Produced models have accumulated to date more than 40 million hours of service, with an average reliability of 99.6%.
The LM2500 gas turbine has benefited over the years for continued improvement. Today, the LM2500 + G4 offers an installed capacity amounting to 32 MW.

Derivation: engine aircraft TF39/CF6-6

Performance in the conditions laid down by ISO (15 ° C, sea level, UR 60%, fuel oil – 18,400 BTU / lb – no loss on suction or exhaust):

Power output shaft: [kW] 32000
Cons. Specific fuel: [g/kWh] 217
Flow in entry: [kg/sec] 70.1
Exhaust gas temperature: [C°] 566
Gas Generator [rpm] 10,500
Power Turbine [rpm] 3,600

About Interlink Power Systems

Interlink Power Systems is a diversified global infrastructure organisation. Interlink is a leading supplier of power generation and energy equipment and services. Interlinks projects, field service and energy services meet the demands of our customers weather it be for package refurbishment, relocation, installation and commissioning or field service, we strive to exceed your expectations.

With offices located across the globe Interlink is able to exceed all of our customers in expectations.


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