INTERLINK PS Appliance Test & Tagging

Interlink Power Systems Testing and Tagging Team is dedicated to providing the best service to make you totally compliant with current WorkCover requirements.

We will test all of your appliances to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and perform all other necessary tasks, such as record keeping, as is required by the Australian Standard.Our technicians are trained professionals, they are experienced in relation to testing and tagging and know exactly what is required of them to ensure our customers gain compliance and are satisfied with the quality of our work.

As well as being well trained in the field of electrical testing, you will find our technicians to be very polite and considerate of your needs.

Our team use purpose built test equipment, Interlink Power Systems technicians can easily test all single and 3 phase equipment. This fast, accurate equipment produces and auditable, traceable electronic data file complete with time and date stamping.

As part of our quality control measures, all tags are printed onsite following the completion of testing each item. Interlink test tags are never pre-printed off site, and are never handwritten.

Should an item fail testing, Interlink technicians will apply a test tag indicating the failure along with a Danger tag.

Each item tested is assigned a unique Interlink asset ID and bar code which is printed on the test tag. This asset ID enables tracking of your items, and is invaluable should any equipment be lost or stolen. Through retesting this item using the same Asset ID, a test history of each item is also be generated.

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