Interlink Power Rentals – Gas Turbine Power

Interlink Power Rentals, an Interlink Power & Energy Group company announces that its first mobile gas turbine power plant is now available for lease as part of a fast track industrial power solutions.

This product added to Interlink’s current stock of rental equipment leads to greater power rental solutions and turnkey power plant solutions for its customers, fast track and out of the box power solutions.

For power rentals please contact  from 1MW through to 100MW we can provide a solution.

About Interlink

Interlink Power Systems has over combined 100 years in house power plant experience coupled with our core business of Gas turbine Power Plants and mechanical processes. Our constantly in demand team of engineering professionals has the specialized expertise and depth of knowledge to meet the demands of our clients in the power generation industry.

From field service troubleshooting, Operations & Maintenance and to relocating and upgrading entire power plants we offer specialized products and services that are tailored to our customers’ needs and designed to meet their goals and objectives.


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