Interlink Power is about more than simple compliance. Every day we plan and act to ensure the safety of our people and the public
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Maintain Zero Harm
Maintain the practice of “zero harm” to ensure, where practicable, no adverse hazards or harm impact on Interlink’s people or the environment when conducting business operations.
Company’s HSE practices.
Ensure employees are properly trained, qualified and educated in the Company’s HSE practices.
Strive to achieve the highest standards
Health and safety, customer satisfaction and environmental protection are key focus points for the company.


Interlink Power is committed to the health and safety of its workforce and the protection of the environment in the provision of products and services. Interlink values each individual employee and recognises that duty of care responsibilities and obligations are a reciprocal relationship between Interlink and its workforce.

Our safety programmes are designed to reinforce the safety culture among all personnel. Interlink Power operates on the principle that all incidents are preventable if everyone completes each task safely. Our programmes engage everyone by incorporating safety measures specifically tailored for each of three targeted groups: department heads and managers, supervisors and engineers. Leadership plays an important role in making our incident and injury free workplace a reality. Leaders participate directly ​in coaching sessions, safety discussions, and workshops focused on ensuring safe and secure operations.


  • Maintain the practice of “zero harm” to ensure, where practicable, no adverse hazards or harm impact on Interlink’s people or the environment when conducting business operations.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and industry requirements to which Interlink subscribes and maintain accreditation to.
  • Develop methods of evaluating performance for continual improvement of the Company’s processes and behaviours when identifying and achieving HSE goals as part of the Corporate Management Plan.
  • Implement action plans and risk assessments which establish, monitor and maintain a safe workplace.
  • Ensure employees are properly selected, qualified and educated in the Company’s HSE practices.
  • Develop a culture which focuses on injury prevention, fitness for work responsibilities, waste minimisation, pollution control and accountability through transparent recording and reporting measures.
  • Communicate this policy across the whole organisation by effectively utilising resources such as toolbox meetings, the intranet, inductions, notice boards, crib-rooms, electronic forms of communication, and/or other means as appropriate.


This policy applies to all Interlink personnel, its subsidiaries, contractors, and visitors affiliated with Interlink, across all projects and operations at all times. Managers and supervisors have a duty of care to monitor the work environment, prevent exposure of the workforce to hazards or harm and promote this policy. The Interlink Board of Directors commits to ensuring the organisation operates in a safe, efficient manner and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and well being of the workforce by providing a safe working environment throughout its operations at all times.

Interlink Power Systems ensures that its products and services continually satisfy all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the expectations of its customers in all respects of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability. We are committed to the execution of our work in a quality controlled, structured and analytical manner. Our quality control systems actively contribute to continuous improvement across every aspect of our operations. Our health, safety and environmental policies are rigorously designed to eliminate the potential for harm to both people and the environment with each step and work procedure scrutinized by our our Job Safety Environment analysis documents. Interlink power systems  board of directors and senior management encourage all employees and partners to participate in the quest for quality and safety. Awareness at every level through good communication is vital to the process, as is timely and appropriate staff knowledge and training. Quality improvement is continual process and is achieved by operating systematic quality management in every part of the company. Interlink & its partners demonstrates this by maintaining a quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. Ensuring that all employees and contractors work within a health and safe environment is achieved through the implementation of policies, systems and procedures by dedicated teams of safety professionals within our organization. Our focus is to continue to improve this performance by concentrating on behavioral – based safety systems. Interlink Power  is a ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 certified organization