As a full-service energy company that specialises in providing industrial-scale energy systems to utilities and local communities worldwide. Our core objective is to bring reliable and energy-efficient power even to the most remote areas in the world and enrich the lives of people across different sectors.

Interlink Power combines its global experience with in-depth technical knowledge to design, install, commission, operate, maintain, refurbish and relocate critical power assets.

Having successfully delivered over 4000MW across 6 continents – often in remote and challenging regions – Interlink Power Systems has the experience, local know-how, resources and technical capability to offer unmatched power generation capability.

Our strong track record with a project portfolio including conventional coal, oil, gas, means that we have gained considerable corporate knowledge about the most time and cost efficient ways to approach the project startup, execution and commissioning phases and ongoing maintenance services – and continually deliver successful projects.

With a focus on flexibility and innovation, Interlink Power is committed to providing high-quality, economical and reliable solutions.

We are able to perform all of the following but not limited to:

  • Plant Rehabilitation / Relocation / Refurbishment
  • Field Service Mechanical and Electrical / Controls
  • Full turnkey projects
  • Installation and commission
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Complete Power Plant Installations
  • Comprehensive asset management

As part of the Interlink Power & Energy group, we are suppliers, installers , maintainers and operators of all types of mobile and skid mounted Gas Turbines.

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