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    Interlink Power Systems provides a complete operation and maintenance solution ensuring that the operational life of your plant is maximised while consistently delivering energy at the lowest cost and highest availability and highest safety record. Power generating facilities under our control operate according to rigerous structured operation and maintenance processes to prevent outages and ensure consistent production of electricity.


    Interlink operates a fully integrated worldwide field engineering service and outage team providing our customers with a high degree of technical knowledge and experience, safe and quality assured. Interlinks OEM trained and OEM utilised team are flexible and work on an open approach with our customers to deliver uncompromised value.


    Interlink Provides a dedicate a team of specialists, engineers, and technicians to Install and Commission your power plant. Our teams are OEM certified and highly trained specialists to perform these functions.


    Interlink Power delivers a comprehensive turnkey solution – providing all design, site work, logistics, Installation, Commissioning, Balance of Plant, and Operation and Maintenance services for each project.


    Our capability to successfully provide turnkey new Mobile Gas Turbine power plants,the relocation, upgrade of Mobile Turbines our engineering procurement and construction interface adds real value to our project delivery and is recognised by many of our clients. We provide Services for TM2500, PWPS Mobile Pack, SGTA45, Rolls Royce Avons.


    Interlink Power Group has developed a rapid secure delivery approach with complete modular and mobile trailer mounted balance of plant. All packages are delivered in a completely assembled and pre-commissioned form, so that installation on site is limited to minimal interconnection and commissioning. With our solution,little to minimal site preparation works are required and we can provide power to the grid in only a few weeks.

About Us

Interlink Power is a global expert in aeroderivative and industrial gas turbines and supporting balance of plant rotating equipment support. We specialise on creating customised solutions to achieve the outcome needed while ensuring the turbines provide optimal performance to increase the reliability, availability and efficiency of the plant. Our expert team pride ourselves on having a partnership approach when working with our customers and offer outstanding product knowledge and technical ability, whilst delivering exceptional service and 24/7 support. Our comprehensive suite of turnkey energy solutions includes design, supply, construct commissioning and operation and maintenance of power plants. Interlink has constantly developed its technical know-how and organizational capabilities, allowing Interlink to to successfully complete progressively more demanding projects within its sector and on a global platform. Interlink Power specialises in delivering end-to- end turnkey power generation solutions in the energy and utilities sectors.

We ensure absolute commitment to world class safety standards, accredited quality assurance and proven, robust systems and controls. This provides our clients with the assurance of on-time, on-budget project delivery, from feasibility studies and front- end design, to ongoing operations and maintenance.
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